Vineyard Development
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Vineyard Development

Do you dream of owning a vineyard, but don’t know where to begin? A lot goes into developing a successful vineyard, starting with an understanding of the soil and climate necessary for the fruit you want to produce. We do everything from evaluating the viticultural potential of your desired property, to vineyard design and installation.

We begin with an in-depth soil analysis conducted by Dr. Chip Appel, our expert in soil chemistry. This data is used to map out a sustainable vineyard design based on the soil’s depth, health, and structure. Chip’s analysis is a critical first step in designing your vineyard; the data shows us the planting depth, row direction, varietals, and trellis types that are most suitable for your property. Next, we manage the installation of your vineyard from prepping the ground to acquiring the rootstock.

As part of our assessment, we assemble pro forma financials to help provide an estimate of future ROI.

With more than 30 years of experience in a variety of appellations throughout California and Mexico, we are your professional guide to creating an environmentally-friendly vineyard that expresses the unique terroir of the site. We also provide vineyard management, vineyard consulting, and fertility, nutrition and pest management services as needed to keep your dream alive!

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