A Word From Our Valued Clients


We enjoy seeing our clients’ dreams of owning a vineyard and producing the highest caliber of wines become a reality. It’s a journey that takes time and patience and we stick with them every step of the way.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what a few of our valued clients have to say about our partnership.

Brian Talley
Talley Vineyards

I enjoy working with Bill Kesselring because I appreciate his honesty, integrity, and commitment to quality. I feel like I can rely on Bill to keep up-to-date on the latest trends in viticulture so that we are employing the latest technology and best practices to achieve our quality and production goals. Bill does a great job explaining vineyard tasks to our foreman so that work gets done quickly and efficiently. Bill is passionate about viticulture and it shows.

Don and Charlene Stolo
TreViti Wines, Stolo Family Vineyard

We began working with KVCS and Bill Kesselring four years ago. My wife and I had recently purchased a 53-acre ranch with a 10-acre, four-year-old vineyard in poor condition. In the beginning, Bill told us it would take three years to begin to fulfill our goal of a premiuim vineyard and we are right on target. This year (2007) we entered our Pinot Noir in our first wine competition, the Orange County Fair commercial wines competition. This is the largest competition in the country for California wines. Our '05 TreViti Pinot Noir recieved a Gold Medal. Much of that credit goes to Bill Kesselring and KVCS. Bill's knowledge and attention to detail is helping us to realize our goal.

Shirley Marshall and Jeanne Valenti
Diamond JEM Vineyards

Bill came for the harvests to help with the picking and to help run the crews each year. He finds crews, organizes crews and then oversees their work. This year he also helped out by hauling grapes. He is important to us in obtaining contracts and negotiating contracts. He orders chemicals, supplies and has them delivered on time. He completes the necessary chemical reports and submits them to the State of California. He does pressure bomb readings, soil samples, gives pest control advice, and is generally an invaluable viticulturist. Bill has increased the crop production since he started working for Diamond JEM Vineyard and this year the crop was seven (7) tons more than last year. We are now doing more than three (3) tons more per acre. This is due primarily to his expertise as a viticulturist.

George and Katy Kartsioukas

As an absentee vinyard owner, it is so important to have a manager you can trust. Bill Kesselring has been that manager for us. We know whatever needs to be done in the vineyard will be done correctly, done on time, and we will know exactly what it will cost. Aside from the seasonal work, Bill is always active, executing a well thought out long term plan for the vineyard and the fruit as well. It is not unusual for us to visit the vineyard and find Bill there, pruning tool in back pocket, examining the vines. We appreciate that he has kept his buisiness smaller and more personal, and that we are able to get in touch with him at any time.

On referral from Brian Talley at Talley Vineyards, I brought in Bill Kesselring to advise the owners and vineyard team at Diamond JEM Vineyard on the west side of Paso Robles to convert an average, weak vineyard to a high-quality, healthy vineyard. The process took two to three years, and Bill had the knowledge to overhaul the vineyard from winter pruning, canopy management, irrigation, and spraying to turn the vineyard into one that yields high-quality wines. The Cabernet Sauvignon grown at Diamond JEM has transformed from mediocre, thin red wine to a rich wine with smooth tannins and concentrated varietal fruit flavors.

John and Helen Falcone
Falcone Family Vineyards

Falcone Family Vineyards has been using KVCS services now for 3 years. It has been a great feeling knowing that we have a qualified consultant overseeing our vines throughout the year. Our vineyard has been producing top-quality fruit and wine from Paso Robles, and KVCS' services have really assisted in elevating that quality. They offer cutting edge technology from plant physiology to canopy management. This information helps us make decisions that affect the overall health of our vineyard, which ultimately leads to a higher quality and more saleable product.

Curtis Lockshaw
Lockshaw Vineyard

Bill Kesselring knows all the tricks to growing premium wine grapes and understands the science behind them. His experience and expertise have guided us for seven years in our quest to produce the best fruit that our particular "terroir" can provide. I have personally been awarded "Grower of the Year" two years running by one of the most prestigious wineries in Paso Robles and much of the credit must go to Bill's guidance.